C4 R.A.C.E 2018

C4 is celebrating 8 years of programming with even more happening this season. Coach Cory Leclerc’s 25+ years of experience, racing and coaching, combined with feedback from previous seasons, enables C4 Rider Training to develop into one of the most well-rounded and respected rider programs.

Year after year C4 results have spoken for themselves on the track, but more importantly C4 riders show their skills & professionalism off and away from the track. C4 has become a symbol of excellence throughout the mountain bike racing and riding communities.

NEW FOR 2018
C4 Rider Training is pleased to announce that they have partnered with 2 industry leading organizations to further enhance the C4 program for 2018.

C4 Partnership with The Bikeroom:
Bike maintenance has always been a big part of the C4 offering. This year the team has partnered with Jeff Bryson and The Bikeroom to offer riders top quality bike repair and maintenance. Repair and maintenance sessions at The Bikeroom will be included in the 2018 C4 Program. Upon completion of the sessions, riders will receive an industry recognized certificate.

C4 Partnership with Endless Biking:
Many C4 athletes aspire to become guides and coaches in the industry. For 2018, C4 Rider Training has partnered with Endless Biking to create an opportunity to complete their Level 1 Mountain Bike Instructors Certificate.  *PMBI materials and exam costs not included in C4 Rider Training program fees.

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