15 days till New Zealand!!!

In 15 day my family and I will be head off to New Zealand for 4 weeks of  sun and riding. We are meeting our good friends Remi and Devlin out there. We will be going all over New Zealand to places like; Rarotonga, Queenstown, Auckland, and the Cook Islands. We will get mostly be riding in areas in Queenstown. Nick and I both get to bring our DH bikes to shred and see their kind of riding terrain.



Nick left yesterday to Australia to meet up with his good buddy Matt. Nick will be meeting us in New Zealand on the 28th. The 4 weeks out there will be nice to get in the sun and get lots of training done for the up coming season, and being comfortable on the new bike. While we are out there Mark Bunyan is setting us up to hopefully ride with Justin Leov, Brook Macdonald, Cam Cole and some local pros which would be absolutely amazing opportunity.


I can’t wait to be in New Zealand riding my bike in the sun with my friends and mostly my brother because of how lucky I am to have him as a brother and I will always love him. Have fun is Australia Nick see you in New Zealand.

Cook Islands

Thanks Zander Geddes

(ps. there will be updates while I am in NZ stay tuned)

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