2011 Canadian National Championships

Hey guys!

The one race of the year that every one has been waiting for has come…and gone! This year at Nationals was pretty fun. Out of C4 three guys went out to race, Lee Jackson, Zander Geddes, and Jordan Gosteli. As well as Cory Leclerc C4’s team manager brought us out!

The Canadian Nationals were held at Panorama Mountain Village this year. I have ridden the track before and i really like it, its fast and loose.

center of panorama

There are four days of riding all together which includes 3 days of practice then race day on Sunday.

first berm on track

Zander, Cory and I were staying in a nice little room at the bottom of the village. Jordan was staying with Team BC in the place next door. The cool thing about the village is there is a lower part and a upper part and the way to get up and down is that they have a little gondola to send you up and down.

Our place from the up on the gondola

village transportation!

Right out side of our door there are these little squirrel type animals and they where quite friendly….a few of them sneaked into our room!

feeding them bread

After Saturday practice Zander and I went out for another course walk to check out if any thing had changed before Sundays race. A few holes have showed up from all the hard days of practice

just a few last minute line checks

as well as some uhhh…ruts were made.

moto track?

Race day rolled around and i was feeling pretty good. I did just one practice lap in the morning before my race. Before i knew it the time has come where i had to drop in for my race run! In my run i made a few mistakes but i cant complain. At the end of the day i sat in 5th spot, and Zander was up there in 4th. In the junior men category Jordan ended up in 24th with a crash.

jumping in the rock garden

Overall the week end was fun and had some good times hanging out and riding.

just hanging out in the sun after the race


We all had fun and can wait for next year to head out east for the Canadian Nationals next year!

see you latter! C4.









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