2015 Wrap Up Social

After 8 months of hard work put into training, learning new skills, and domination podiums on the BC Cup circuit, the season has come to an end. It was time for some fun for the C4 Riders! How? On their bikes to start off with of course! 11 riders piled into pickup trucks and headed up Cypress Mountain in North Vancouver for some shuttle laps. The weather worked out perfectly, with the heavy rain stopping 15 minutes before the riding began, and starting again right after they headed back into town. As far as everybody were concerned, the conditions were perfect! The Shore is meant to be ridden wet. After everybody was thoroughly soaked, they piled back into the trucks and went home to clean up the bikes. A huge thanks goes out to the parents who were willing to have a bunch of dirty teenagers pile up in the back of your shiny trucks!


As hard as it is to believe, the riders do sometimes spend time off of their bikes. Sometimes… The crew later met up at Laserdome and had some fun shooting laser beams at each other. All rules were strictly followed, of course. Especially the “No Running” and “No physical Contact” rules.


From Laser Dome, the rest of the evening was spent at the Sampson’s House socializing and eating some good food. In the basement, the riders all signed the frame of the team photo that was taken at the beginning of the year and presented it to Cory, as well as some gifts for Mr. And Mrs. Sampson. Even before the picture was given to Cory we could tell that he was almost in tears. I’ll admit that I was almost there too.


Cory may be the tough guy sometimes, but those who really know him know that he’s one of the most caring and emotional guys out there. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. He’ll push and push you until you fall, but he’ll always be there to pick you back up and get you going again. He’ll go to the end of the world and back for one of his riders whether it has to deal with riding bikes or life’s tough challenges. That is the kind of coach that we need, and we are so fortunate to have him. On behalf of past, present, and future riders, Thank you Cory!



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