a weekend with lots of excitement

Hey guys!

So i just got my new bike and it the best thing ever im so stoked that cory was on the ball he’s the best! It’s as bad ass as it could get full marzocchi nice bright red frames, white fork its so canadian EH! A thanks to NORCO  Marzocchi, raceface, shimano, and hayes thanks everyone. Training has been good lots of gym seasons and fun times. I’m really stoked for the team. I can’t wait for team C4 to role up to the first race of the years looking so spiffy. Today we went to “Jolly Old England” to get some training in it was so fun to see all the guys on the new rigs and training as a team. We started to break the bikes in and see how they feel, they feel great. The team is looking awesome the ridders are starting to look stronger and more comfortable on their bikes. Woohoo C4.

A really big thanks to team coach Cory he has gave a full commitment on our team by getting the bikes ready and preparing the team its awesome we all stronger appreciate it. Cory we love you your the best and you know it.

Me and my beautiful baby!

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