C4 Rider Training. 


Commitment, Coaching, Control, Confidence.

The 4 C’s of Success.

Season after season C4 results have spoken for themselves on the track, but more importantly C4 riders show their skills & professionalism off and away from the track. C4 has become a symbol of excellence throughout the mountain bike racing and riding communities.

C4 Rider Training’s unique programs are an asset to anyone that wants to push the limits of their riding in a safe and fun environment. For over 10 years C4 has assisted athletes navigate the complicated sport of Downhill Racing. From the outside C4 carries the reputation as a world leading race training program. To the families involved with C4 it ends up being a lot more. Entering into the world of racing can be a daunting task regardless of the chosen discipline.  Whatever it is that you need to race, C4 Rider Training has it covered.

At C4 we focus on all aspects of what it takes to race a mountain bike.  With strong emphasis on the bikes/mechanical side of the sport  C4 athletes and families gain knowledge and experience that will last a lifetime.

C4 Rider Training athletes and families work together as a team. Racing is an individual endeavor once the riders are on the bike, but the rest is teamwork. Learning to support others is a great transferable life skill and huge priority in the programs


The C4 riders look out for each other on the track, in the pits and often in their lives beyond racing.

See you at the races.

-Cory Leclerc




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For more on Coach Cory and a little bit of history on how all of this came to be check out this recent article in BIKE Magazine.  For the rest of the story I guess we will see you in the pits……