arrival of the new bikes!

This last week our new team bikes came in. Every one is supper pumped on them and cant wait for racing to start up now! so far i have done a few laps of my local mountain on them to just get used to the feeling of a new bike and how it all works, it went really well! i love the bike. with out the help from out team manager/coach Cory we would have never been this far and probably wouldn’t even have these bikes with out all of his time spent organizing all of this,THANKS CORY

2011 TEAM C4

  • Lee Jackson
  • Jordan Gosteli
  • Jesse Ballhausen
  • Jack Iles
  • Zander Geddes
  • Cory Leclerc (coach/team manager)

here are some pics of the new bike!!….

2011 Norco C4 team bikes!!

Norco C4

with out this Marzocchi suspension we wouldnt be able to plow though the rough stuff and stay confident.

In the cock pit we are running: race face bars, marzocchi stem, hayes ace(soon to be prime) brakes, shimano deore shifter(soon to be saint)

we are still working hard in the gym training with Karen our trainer. She has help us come so far and hopefully help bringing us to the top spot on the podium!!

just a quick picture of one of the many things we have been doing…

single leg step ups with bar.

we have also been working on our cardio,it defiantly plays a big roll in DH racing.

so thats pretty much all the exciting stuff that went down with C4 this week,  i will try and keep you posted every week on whats happening.

C4 will be training hard and ridding hard every day and working there way to the top spot!!

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