BC cup #1- Kamloops

BC cup #1 just wrapped up and C4 hit hard. We headed off early Friday morning to arrive in K-loops at a reasonable time. There was a Dual Slalom this year at Race The Ranch so a few of us brought along our little bikes. we didnt expect to have as much gear as we did…

heavy load!

as well as BC cup #1 is was also Zanders B-Day!

happy B-Day Zander

once we got on the road it was smooth sailing from there on. On our way out of Vancouver we made a quick stop to pick up our team jerseys! every one was stoked and looked fresh.

New C4 jerseys

After we arrived in Kamloops we set up base camp in Carls back yard, there where 7 people camping in his back yard! we didnt end up spending to much time in his yard cause we where at the pits the whole time but it was a good place to sleep, thanks Carl for letting us take over your yard for a few days!

base camp.

As Saturday morning came around it was time to get on the big bikes to go and get some laps of the track. Kapmloops is always a weird race to start off the season with, just because the terrain to us is unusual. where used to ridding in the wet with roots and rocks, then we get there and its just dust…

when we made it to the pits early morning we set up tent and got every thing ready for a day of practice as well as DS racing. Norco provided us with a pop up tent for the season, Thanks Norco!


Saturday practice went well for the DH and it was time for DS! racing started at 5 so the atmosphere was pretty cool, sun was setting while they where racing. Jesse was the only rider from C4 to race the DS. unfortunately he got out in the first round but he had alot of fun with it!




As Sunday morning came around every one was stoked to kill it on the race track, C4 felt good and fast. The times where very tight! every one did well and was a successful start to the BC cup series

Lee Jackson Race Run



  • Lee Jackson (me) – 2nd: u17 expert men
  • Zander Geddes – 4th: U17 expert men
  • Jake Iles – 5th: U17 expert men
  • Jordan Gosteli – 12th: junior men
  • Jesse Ballhausen – 10th: 19-29 master men

Lee Jackson (me) 2nd



Overall it was a sweet weekend of racing and C4 is looking forward to BC Cup #2 on bear mountain!

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