BC Cup #2 Bear Mountain Challenge

BC Cup #2 Bear mountain has finally come and gone. it was quite the weekend, a lot happened that’s for sure! from getting fish hooks stuck in your leg and going to the hospital as well as getting bit by a dog all in one day……Jack, to pouring rain and sleeping in puddles!

jacks new nick name is now "fish hook"

we started off the trip at Corys house where we all met up and got the truck packed to its max! thanks to Cory for staying up late the night before even though he just got back from Europe for helping the Canadian Nation team over at Fort William and Leogang World Cups, he made us this sweet C4 Team trailer.

new C4 trailer thanks to Cory for putting it together!

zander practicing his "drifts"



we headed off on the road and luckily its not a far drive to this one, its about 2 hours. it was a quick drive and before we knew it we pulled up to the site. our plan was to camp out the whole week end, didn’t really look at the weather before i left cause i rained the whole time! we set up camp as soon as we got there, camped out ride on the site so when we woke up we would just roll out of our tents and were there.

little set up

Norco made these sweet “I Ride For Nick” chain stay guard! stoked to be riding one!

I Ride For Nick!



we woke up in the morning ready for training and all we could hear pounding on our tents was the sound of rain, we knew it was going to be a wet day for sure! After we got all geared up and ready to go we went out and did our practice laps. we all got back to camp and it was a awesome day! track was so loose and mucky, i don’t think i have ever ridden i track that was so muddy in my life? all of the C4 team felt confident for race day.

a bit wet.


Alex from Marzocchi stopped as well as simon who works with Davinci by all of saturday to see how we were doing and check out out suspension. they supplied us with another pop up tent for the pits as well with nick set us up with one to borrow for the day. thanks to both of them for keeping us out of the rain! and all of a sudden our camp was huge!

just half of the camp...




Sunday morning came fast and it was time to  put to together a solid race run. there were a few hours of practice in the morning to get a feel for the track after getting beat all day on saturday. there wasn’t much change other then just bigger holes and ruts in the corners. by the time is race run came around i felt pretty confident and ready to go for it! the upper half of the track i went all out and it worked out good, hit all my lines perfect and rode it faster then ever! the bottom half of the track went not so well but over all it was an alright run.

C4 Team results:

  • Zander Geddes: 5:44.75
  • Lee Jackson: : 05:48.03
  • Jesse Ballhausen: 05:50.67
  • Jordan Gostleli: 05:56.05
  • Jack Iles: 06:00.73
  • Matt Hardwick: 06:09.85

zander Geddes takin 3rd!

Cory enjoying a needed beer after a long weekend!



C4 has this little bet going now where the rider with the fastest time get his bike washed by the rest of the team at the next race so Zander will be getting his bike cleaned by the rest of us at Arduum.

every one had a great weekend and is looking forward to the next BC Cup in Arduum. C4 will see you out there!

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