BC Team Camp #1

This past weekend it was the first BC Team camp of 2011 in Vancouver. We got to meet up with the team and meet the coaches. Over the weekend we did lots of activities and testing.

Everyone arrived on friday ready for the weekend. That night we all went to bed early because in the morning we had the grueling MAP test. For people who dont know what that is, its your worst night mare. You ride for as long as you can until you cant put out anymore but every 3 minutes you go up 25watts, seems easy its not higher the watts harder you have to pedel. After my turn I was pushing so hard I felt sick had the bucket by my side but I kept my self together. Once we were all recovered we went up to the gym to get our work out plans. Thanks Katrina Strand for the training plan. To finish off the day at the Olympic facility we all got together for a Performance Profiling and Imagery class. I really benefited from this because it was one of my struggles in bike racing. Thanks Lisa Perlmutter for the tips. Later that night the entire team decided we wanted to go bowling for a team bonding activity. I had a lot of fun and glad we all went. The first day was fun, jokes and laughs were being thrown around everyone had a good time.

Sunday more of a chill day for the team. We started the day with a nutrition class. The team and I all went to the Save On Foods to learn which is the best food and drinks for us. We also learnt how to read the labels so we can find the right foods our selfs. Thanks Ashley Charlebois for teaching me new things. Nearing the end of the day the team and I got our selfs ready for yoga. I have never done yoga before and I was ready to try it. The class went great and I’m for sure going to be doing more yoga in my future. Thanks Beverly I had a great time. Because Sunday was the last day of the camp we got some pictures with the team.

The weekend went great I would like to thanks Mark Bunyan, Dave Hord, Richard Wooles, Tamsin Miller, and Brianna Waldman thanks you for the great weekend I had tons of fun!

Zander Geddes

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