BC/Canada Cup Round 3: Panorama

With a one weekend break, it was off to Panorama for Round 3 of the BC and Canada Cup, so turnouts were expected to be big. The course had some new sections on it and did not disappoint! Everybody was stoked on the changes, except for that there were still the two uphill sections.


Day 1: Practice/Seeding

Practice started out wet with showers going off and on during the day. The infamous “Dollar Sign” stayed mostly dry throughout the day and so did a lot of the root sections in the thicker trees.


Thanks to a small TV and a GoPro, C4 can all discuss lines and go through the track without getting wet!

Come seeding time it was getting a bit wetter, but the course was still holding up nicely. In the later afternoon and during the night, the rain started to come down harder and even the dirt under the thick trees was getting soaked

Day 2: Race Day

Sunday was dry, but the rain from the previous day was still reeking havoc and there were some big holes starting to form in the rock garden half way down the course. No time to change lines, riders just had to plow through them!

IMG_9766 (1)

IMG_9767 (1)

IMG_9768 (1)


C4 Results:

Adam Woodhouse 1st (Sr. Men)

Daniel Froese 4th (Jr. Sport Men)

Jacob Stefiuk 5th (Jr. Expert)

Joseph Witwicki 6th (U17 Men)

Caleb Harapnuik 9th (Jr. Expert)

Adrian Lee 12th (Jr. Sport Men)

Blake Bunting 18th (Jr. Expert)

Levi Harapnuik 30th (Pro Men)


Photos and words by Levi Harapnuik

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