Bear Mountain B.C. Cup 2011

Hey guys,

So this past weekend there was BC Cup number 2 and it was a wet one. We decided to leave Friday afternoon around 12 so we could get a prime camping stop and we did. It was nice to get there early and set up everything. We wanted to be well rested for practice so we all hit the hay nice and early.

Saturday roles around and it was miserable. Rained all night everything was soaked. We ate breakfast and got on the first shuttle of the day we were ready for the wet! Surprisingly the track was unreal so slick and so muddy we all were having fun riding. I decided to only get 3 laps in because of the mud it made you so tired to get down the course. I was feeling great and i really wanted to get a top 3 in this race. So after practice we all went out for a final course walked and it helped so much I found new lines and was ready to race. At dinner time i have a big bowl of pasta with steak in it, thats a race meal if i have ever had one. The team went to bed early again to prepare for the race.

The Track



Sunday is race day!!! It rained again saturday night so the course was getting even worst i did 2 practice laps and i was ready to go fast. I cleaned my bike for race run and was stoked to go for it. My drop in time was at 1:38 and lee was dropping in right behind me! It was time to drop in i got in to the start gate and i heard the 5 4 3 2 1 and i was off. Overall the run was good few misstakes but i slid into 3rd nothing to complain about. The other guys did good also Lee was 4th behind me, Jack was 6th in the same category, Jesse was 6th in senior, Jordan was 8th in junior with a off bike misstake. We all did great considering the weather!

Here are some pictures of me in practice and race also jack going for a swim.

Thanks for the sick weekend Cory! C4 rep!

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