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Hey guys, So we arrived at training and we saw a big tent sitting in the yard, thanks to Norco. They have been a big help so far and very supportive the future is looking bright. Go check out their website:

C4 reppin' the Norco tent



Today at training we started off at Cory’s place and then we hit the pump track. He brought out his BMX bikes and hard tails for us to ride. We did a series of motos in different groups of 2-3 people to test our endurance.

After the fun and some serious sweat at the pump track we headed over to a secret trail where there was a great 45 second DH to ride with a short hike. It was a great trail to train on. The trail had a bit of everything corners, jumps, root sections,tight spots, and very high speed. We each got about 6 laps in. Everyone was improving each lap. Once the group got their lines down we decided to take out the free lap. Lee and I had a little rivalry going on to see who could get the faster time. We both started with 48’s then down to the 47’s then after a few more runs. I dropped in for my final lap all the marbles I through down a 46:17 and i was stoked then I see Lee coming down and he is having a good run he end up beating me and got a 44:08. It was good to have Lee there pushing me and I think it was the same for him. Jack, Kip, Jesse and Jamie were also putting down some great runs. We let Cory use Lee’s T2i and take some pictures they turned out sweet!

Me getting loose



After we got home Lee and I wanted to go hit some golf balls at the driving range but it was closed. We ended up going to Mamquam River to smash a bucket of balls. Lee was killing it hitting them so far while I could barely get them off the ground…. Good end of the day.

Lee smashing the ball to the moon



Overall today was super successful everyone got something out of it. People had a big smile on their face by then end which is good to see. Lots of hard work is going on at C4. Gym sessions are still going and riding every Sunday. Spring break started this week for the group there will be training days all week. Race season starts very soon people are getting excited and C4 is ready to own the podium.

Thanks Zander.

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