Bikes and Training.

Hey Guys,

About 3 weeks ago team C4 got their new bikes. Everyones loving them, they ride well and go fast. With everyone on with the exact same ride it looks so sick and I’m stoked on it. We all have our names on our bikes (Zander, Lee, Jordan, Jack, Jesse and Cory). The Marzocchi suspension takes up any in it way, The Hayes brakes are working great lots of stopping power, the Race Face Bars, grips and cranks are working in tiptop shape. Everything else is a beauty also. Can’t wait for our Saint drive trains to come in and to get our new Sunrigle wheels. Thanks a lot Cory.

Training has been going awesome lots of gym sessions with my trainer Andy we are getting work done. I am still on my same program with 3 days a week in the gym and ever other week I go on the spin bike and do intervals. Two weekends ago the guys from Marzocchi came out to get the suspension dialed and take some sweet pics while training. After the day of hard work all the parents come over to Cory’s place and we had a BBQ it was good for the parents to talk and the kids to have some fun overall a really awesome day.

Everything is good so far races are coming fast and fast. C4 WILL be ready. See you at the races…

Zander Geddes.

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