C4 Ladies Sessions.

I have also had the pleasure of working with some of the fastest ladies on the BC Cup Circuit in 2010. They have come from far and wide to seek the secrets to speed. Basically they moldable clay and quite a pleasure to ride/work with. It takes a special kind of lady to pursue DH racing and these girls are no exception.

After they endured my drills at a few different Squamish locales I took them to the BMX track to work on manuals and jump transfers. My methods are unconventional but I assure you being bored is not part of C4 Training.

All the ladies learning to get behind the bike and not be afraid to manual.

Training does not come without pain, sometimes in comes in the form of sweat equity and sometimes it’s crash related, poor Jamie was nailing the move and then forgot to manage her rear brake.  It resulted in a pretty big bum bruise, but as always she smiled and kept working.

Still smiling after a gnarly butt check, now she really knows how hard the track surface is...ooo

Kelsey Begg is one of the serious up and comers in BC right now, I think she got snagged by the Bryson Racing Clan, good for her.  Hopefully she remembers C4 when she’s rich and famous.

not Mick Jagger but just as groovy...!

Kelsey making it happen...

Jenn Demchuck/McMillan( sorry my hyphen no worky).

sooo happy to ride the DH on a BMX Track

gettin the work done

My lovely girlfriend Karen Mann came out to learn some moves as well.  She is lucky to have an awesome boyfriend like me, and I am lucky because she has helped me a bunch getting this whole biz moving in 2010.

she is much prettier in person...lol

her manuals are looking quite pretty as well these days!

After we did the manual drills we had a bit of a contest, in order to progress one must create and goals and add a wee bit of the competitive fire.  These girls are very supportive of each other and in turn the camaraderie seems to push them all a little bit harder.

we all win when we do Cory's drills, haha

We also did a lot of cool jump drills but my pics looked crappy, all the girls were working on better bike control and not just relying on speed to get them over the jumps.  Intro to transfer moves and some serious preloading make for fast ladies.

Woohoo! Working hard on the little boosters is fun on the big rig!

Of course no C4 Training Session would be complete without some pain, yes even with Jamies sore bumbum she still managed to lead the pack for the 3 lap puker moto at the end of the night.  I think she even had a bit of a concussion from a crash before the Canadian Open.  You know you land hard on your ass when it aggravates your brain!!!

working hard on the DH rigs!

I would like to thanks all these ladies( ha I keep calling them that) for supporting me and my new business.  Have a good off season! Huh?  What’s the off season?  West Coast style and we will be working all winter.  C4 Domination in 2011.

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