10+ years of smashing tracks, podiums and great times the official C4 Rider Training program is back for 2020.

Coach Cory

Coach Cory, expert rider and international racer experience. Now sharing his skills and experience with the next generation of racers thru his passion for coaching

We are excited to provide one of the best rounded rider development programs on the planet. 2019 Cycling BC “Coach of the Year” Cory Leclerc brings his years of racing/coaching experience back once again. His knowledge combined with the constant feedback of the C4 athletes has enabled us to develop a constantly evolving learning environment.  We are proud to have Adam Woodhouse the reigning 2018 and 2019 BC Cup Elite Men’s Downhill Champion back in the trenches to show the development steps he has taken towards his amazing successes.  Adam is an amazing example of what a young racer should aspire towards. We are all fortunate to have him participating in select C4 Sessions in 2020.

Year after year C4 results have always spoken for themselves on the track, but more importantly C4 riders show their skills & professionalism off and away from the track.  C4 has become a symbol for excellence throughout the mountain bike racing and riding communities.

Having Fun

C4 Rider Training Main Goals… FUN & SAFETY

The drills and training sessions are designed to be fun and exciting while the skill is being hammered in. The 3 things that allow us to have fun while we work are: safety, hard work, and preparedness.  C4 Sessions provide a fun, safe environment where the athletes can push each other, teach each other, and learn together.

The C4 training environment and sessions are open and fun with an emphasis on Team Work and where Safety is our first priority.  For Cory and his team safety is paramount.  The C4 safety record is one the things we are most proud of.  Our athletes focus on complete seasons and clean race runs.  Downhill can be a dangerous sport, it’s one of the reasons we love it so much.  At C4 we know that being a tactician is the key to attaining our personal racing goals.  We provide our athletes with a diverse set of tools and we help them sharpen those tools before they step into the starting gate.

We have a great time learning together all Spring at the weekly training sessions and then we take the show on the road to all the amazing race venues across BC and of course Washington for the Port Angeles ProGrt.  We will also be attending the River Beaver Classic in Kamloops where riders have the chance to compete in 3 different disciplines(DH, Dual-Slalom, and Enduro).  While we are focused on DH racing the Enduro riders are welcome and all the skills and drills transfer over.

DH, Enduro, Dual-Slalom, BMX, Pumptrack, Motocross, and on and on and on.  At C4 the priority is creating a skill set and love for riding that combine to create lifer’s.  We don’t care what you ride as long as athletes put their heart into the training on and off the bike.

Bike Functions/Setup and repairs.

The C4 riders are expected to learn how their bikes function and receive heaps of mentoring and instruction on how to service their bikes themselves.  Mechanic’s and bike care are a HUGE part of the success of C4 athletes season after season.  




Riders learn first hand how to repair and maintain their equipment correctly


Timed practice sessions.

We are also one of the only programs with our very own timing equipment.  In a sport where 100ths of second can make a big difference, we feel this is crucial for rider development.  We use Freelap Timing Gear and this allows our riders to identify between what feels fast and what IS fast.  Our focus is on completed race runs and healthy gradual progression.

Great Savings in the C4 Team Store

C4 Families also have access to the C4 Team Store where we provide grassroots pricing for a select amount cropped-Guy-and-Alex-1-1.jpgof Complete Norco Aurum HSP DH Bikes.  We also have frame options available for 2020.

C4 also provides deep discounts on gear, armour, and parts, from supporting sponsors.  The 2019 Sponsors and Supporters will be announced in early 2019.

For many riders the savings accumulated  thru C4 purchases comes close to, and often surpasses, the investment you make for your C4 training program.

What you get:

C4 provides a 10 month long training program that includes:

A knife, a food processor, and some patience were some of the ingredients for some tasty vegetarian tacos that everybody could enjoy!

A knife, a food processor, and some patience were some of the ingredients for some tasty vegetarian tacos that everybody could enjoy!

  • Weekly  training sessions (Saturdays@10am January to June).
  • Mental training discussions focused on race day performance.
  • Nutrition advice and information.
  • Gym programs and supervision upon request help at Squamish Athletic Club(drop-in fee required).
  • Full race support and coaching at all the BC Cup DH Races and Nationals.  
  • C4 RaceFace Jersey


INVESTMENT in your riding future:

COMPLETE C4 Training program $3000+gst.

We also offer a payment plan: $500 at time of registration, with post dated cheques of $1,325 on April 15, 2020 and June 15, 2020