Canadian National Champs

From Panorama, riders headed back to Sun Peaks for the Canadian National Champs race. The talk was on the new track that would be more technical than previous years at Sun Peaks. It didn’t disappoint.



This year, the race course started to the left of the chairlift right from the top. Half of it was already established trail and the other half was brand new so it was always changing. As practice went by, the lines started to get established and the conditions were getting dryer and more slippery.


From the course preview which was over 7 minutes, the course looked to be quite long but the riders weren’t sure if that was because the person doing the course preview was just slow or if the course was actually that long. It turns out, it was the longest track on the circuit with the average time being over six minutes.


It wasn’t just six minutes of an average DH track, it was an exceptionally rough track. Not overly technical, but really hard on the hands and feet. Most people didn’t even do full runs until their race run or seeding run to save strength for the race.

Sunday came around and the course went from nice and tacky to slightly dusty and slippery with most of the corners being blown out. Coming from Panorama this was an easy transition as riders wouldn’t know exactly what to expect on their race run.

IMG_9886 IMG_9887

C4 Results

Adam Woodhouse: 1st (Sr. Men)

Stephanie Denroche 1st (Jr. Ex Women)

Daniel Frosse 2nd (Jr. Sport)

Blake Bunting 5th (Jr. Ex)

Adrian Lee 7th (Jr. Sport)

Jacob Stefiuk 9th (Jr. Ex)

Caleb Harapnuik 12th (Jr. Ex)

Alex Auger 21st (Jr. Ex)

Levi Harapnuik 31st (Pro Men)


Words by Levi Harapnuik

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