Coast trip!

So the past weekend I headed out to the Sunshine Coast to meet up with my buddy Harrison Duxburry-Sleep. We know each other from the racing season and after the last race was done with we decided to make a plan to have a weekend of fun riding. I have riden the Coast once before and loved it so i just couldn’t wait to get over there!

I headed over there quite early to make it over to ride all day. Harrison picked me up on the other side and we went back to his place to get ready and head out for a day of riding! the first day we wanted to film a bit and make a little edit of the week end we were going to have.


DAY #1 riding:

we rode all day and ended up with a pretty good little edit, it was a great day over all!

Day 2 we wanted to do a little cliff jumping so we drove around and ended up finding some good locations.

DAY #2 cliff jumping:

this is what we came up with for the day of cliff jumping!

It was really fun to get out and ride some trails with some good friends and have some good times! Now that the race season is over i will be making a big post about my whole 2011 Race Season, that will be dropping soon.

thanks lee.

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