Crankworx 2011

So this month Crankworx and Canadian Nationals are right around the corner.

The first race we have is Crankworx the biggest bike festival in the world with many different day with lots of events throughout a week and a half. The races i will be doing are the Dual Slalom and Canadian Open which are the first two races of the the festival. The Dual Slalom is my first event this year i got to pre-ride the course on wednesday and it was awesome so much fun the trail crew hit the stop, thanks guys! The track has everything prefect corners, moguls, jumps, rollers, steps, and even a gap over a 4 foot hole. I really love the course and we will see how i do on saturday! Go to to watch live webcast of all the races!

Last Years DS - Troy on the left and Steve on the right



Sunday is the Canadian Open race stay tuned come out and watch. I have been training the Canadian Open course for the past two weeks in dry and it has been wicked, then the weather decided to change its mind and make it cold, cloudy, dark, and wet. The course have changed tons from the dry to the wet. The dirt is slik and roots and rocks are like ice jumps are big but overall its way to much fun i did about 12 laps on the course today. A hopes up for race day!

Emmeline Ragot - 2010 World Champ

See you guys there have some fun watch the races have a good time!!!

Thanks Zander!


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