Crud 2 Mud 2011!

This past weekend was the 2011 crud 2 mud race which consists of both skiing and biking all in one. You could do this race solo or as a team. The skier started from the top of the gondola/roundhouse to Upper Whiskey Jack to Orange Peel then Upper Dave Murray onto Tokum to Expressway onto Bean Bowl with the transition area at the bottom of Garbonzo chair lift. The skier had to tag off to the biker and that allowed the biker to start his portion of the race which went down B-line onto Ho Chi Min finishing at the exit of Ho Chi Min once you reached that point you stopped the clock to get your time.


This year I chose to do the race with Jake Alison a ski racer who knows how to go fast. We were a perfect team for the junior category. Jake and I were very excited for this race. I could see jake coming down Tokum with his bright orange helmet going extremely fast. I could tell he had a great run going on. I got my self ready for the transition, he came in hot tagged me and I was off I had to bring it home go for gold. As i sprinted over to B-line i knew if I held it together we could have a wicked time. I ended up holding it together and having a fast run. Jake and I ended up winning junior and taking the overall fastest time of the day we were stoked didn’t quite expect it but we had fun definitely see you next year!

Thanks Zander!

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