My First Time in the Chilcotins

Amidst the turmoil of new home finding I get the call. You know the one where the decision has already been made and this is only a courtesy call to let you know you will be out of town for three to four days. This would be my first trip to the Chilcotins and a much needed riding trip. I couldn’t wait to get on the road!

Day 1 was more of an evening of getting everything together at C4 HQ. I had to scramble after getting off work and Margus and Cory was getting their things together as well so we could plan out everything we needed to bring and nothing extra…it was going to be a long hike in.

Day 2 was lots of traveling…5 to 6 hrs of driving and 6 to 8 hours of hiking. It ended up being a bit of a late night packing so we decided to sleep in a bit later than planned but we knew we had to try to make it up on the hike. I couldn’t have asked for a better day to be a passenger, bluebird and clam. Carpenter lake had barely a ripple.

Carpenter Lake

After the brief rest stop at Carpenter Lake we turned left into bear country and head for the parking spot for the vehicle. Grab our our gear and bikes, we’ll see ya in a few days red Yota. Remember to look for the balls to find the key if we get separated…

We weren’t sure if it was possible to make the campsite before dark, but it was going to happen…we got into the rhythm and crushed the hike in. There was even a sunset photo session opportunity! I couldn’t believe Cory had the energy to get a couple shots in, but you gotta work for the good shot. Cheers to ya!

What did that guy say about bears again? Oh yeah he saw one, AHHHHH! I almost forgot to mention the prime hunting season and the presence of grizzly bears this time of year…

Yeah we made it to the top, now it's just down to the camp... wanna go hit a booter?

Yeah sure!

Suited up and good to go!

Pretty good first full day…

Day 3 was the most relaxing of all the days. The hard part was over, now the difficult decision came on which ridge to ride? Hmmm… let’s just start heading up then decide… Mt. Davidson was the winner! Hey why not it was only 2472m at the summit, and it looked liked we should ride it. We had another day of great weather for riding and hiking. The hike was worth the fresh tracks, WOO HOO! Great big mountain day and even saw a wolverine (from far away).

Mt Davidson

You can almost see the campsite from here!

It's a bit windy up here...

Time to kick off the pads and relax by the fire

Day 4, today was an earlier start to give us enough time to get a few more shots and start the fun journey back to civilization. Time to summit Mt. Davidson for the second time on this trip, this time will be to get back out to the truck. We were all feeling tired, and we had to hike back up Mt. Davidson to get the nice long downhill back!

The weather didn’t cooperate last night and we had to endure a bit of rain, but once the clouds cleared you could see so many stars! Made for a chilly and nervous sleep with the danger of grizzlys in the area. The break in the weather only lasted till morning and the overcast skies were looming. We had our oatmeal breakfast and packed up camp. So far this has been an amazing trip and we could not have asked for better weather, there was even a nice break from the clouds for a sunny lunch. Then the snow came. It was pretty cold in the alpine, but the snow added to the entire feel of the trip and was a welcome sight for the ride out. What took around 6 hrs to hike in seemed like it only minutes to ride out, well maybe about 120 or so minutes, and then we ended the day with a beautiful sunset!

I'm tired, are you tired?!

Nice toss!

Working hard to get the shot, even with the snow just around the corner.

Down the ridge and down the valley for super fun and long DH

We made it back to the truck and the bears didn't get the pops! Kind of a picturesque moment eh!

Sunset drive back to civilization

Great memories with great friends!

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