first week of training done…

So this past week we have started out gym sessions. Every Monday and Thursday 6am sharp (well if Coach Cory is on time) we are off to the gym to get some work done!

early morning wake up...

The first couple sessions well good. This week we where just getting used to every thing and getting ready to hit the gym hard next week.

just a little morning warm up right off the start

balance exercises

Jordan and I are the only 2 that are doing the gym training so far.  We are good friends out side of training and ridding so going to the gym with him makes it a blast!

just taking a break

out last session on Thursday was good! we worked alot on the inner core stomach muscles, also upper body workout.

some weird push ups while balancing on a ball...

Coach Cory, Jordan, and I all go to the gym to train. we have the help from our trainer Karen! She is very helpful showing us around and working us hard!

Thank Karen!!!!

well that includes the first week of our winter long gym session! well keep you posted on how its going for the team!

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