Mid Winter Update

Now that it is late into the winter season and training is well on its way i have been very busy lately. XC has been a big part of my winter training program, it has helped me plenty with cardo as well as the agility on the bike. Next to all the riding hours im putting in i spend a lot of time at the pool swimming laps. This is my first time adding swimming into my program and already i have found a huge boost in my cardio, plus it helps me with controlling my breathing rate. With all of the cardio training, still a big chunk of my time is spent in the gym weight training.

Here is a video of a pedal i went on the other day down one of my favorit XC trails! check it out:


My week is spred out with 2-3 days swimming laps, 3-4 days at the gym, and with any spare time i have i get on the bike. lately ive been lucky cause the weather has held up the last couple weeks and i have been on the bike every day!

nice sunny pedal

This week coming up is the first official C4 training session of the winter and i couldn’t be more stoked! last year it was a blast training with the team and seeing every body excel. Had a lot of good times with the guys from seeing people puking to a few good scrapes and blood shed.

Last weekend was the first round of the supper cross series in Anaheim so we got all the boys together to watch it! it was a solid time and had a lot of fun…maybe got a litte to carried away with the fire after though.

burnt every thing in sight!

The race season is slowly creeping up so ill just keep pushing my self to my fullest and in the end see how much it all paid off at BC Cup #1 in kamloops!

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