Monday night ride in Squamish

Hi, I’m Cory and I live in Squamish BC. I went for a lovely ride with Karen on Monday night.

I cramped up and almost had to turn back. I did not turn back as you will see.

Karen waited patiently while I whined and walked it off…

K and her trusty $700 Kona that has taken her on a 1000 adventures.

1st crick crossing….

then after some bushwacky fun we got to ride some sweetness, a it over grown but zesty fun with the xc bike and the post jacked

ou est le gloves?

then we had to cross another crick…..
to the river

tricky walking in carbon xc shoes( thanks Dre!)...

almost to the top. This photo does this hike zero justice!

now the fun begins….so much riding and no time for stopping and taking pics, this is just a tiny sample of 5% of this dream.

actually pretty high speed, K making it look easy as usual....

pretty K in her pretty green jersey in the pretty green woods....

hello viewpoint. This would about 8 o’clock looking southwest as the sun was starting to go down on a wonderful Squamish evening.

the Money $hot

then it was some super wicked lower down trails. tech xc at its best and even better when you’ve been riding for 2.5hrs and crave another hour or so…

back into the woods and on the edge of my world....

another trailhead? zoiks!


the end.

Karen and Cory in a rare and peaceful

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