Moto racing and coaching = a great week for C4


In typical C4 fashion it’s been an amazing week. Last weekend C4 riders did very well at the Coaster and we had Jack Almond winning the Junior category. As well our devo riders cleaned up in U17 with C4 taking 5 of the top 8 spots. Look for a post with pics soon! For now have a look at what the coach got up to! After winning the Cat Lake race last year I was a little bummed with 2nd, but man what a tough race!


Team bikes are dialed in and the guys are pumped on the spare parts kit and jerseys!

Blake Parts

Hitting the moto track with the PerformX guys and Team On the Pipe. Best shop in Squamish.

OTP Truck

A lovely pedal in Pemby with a black dog and a blonde girl!

Syl Pemby

Team BC riders mixing it up at C4 Saturday, followed by a Team BC Camp on Sunday!

Team BC:C4

Yes and then there were some more rooty trails on the sweet new KTM 300XC courtesy of No Limits Motorsports, the other best moto shop in Squamish. Coach has the new DH ready to go so look out 19th hole folks!

Uni Trails

Til next week, keep brappin!

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