Mud, Dust, and Jumps. Crankworx 2010

Hey, so Crankworx this year was pretty interesting! After a month of sunny skies and hot humid weather, it finally decided to rain on Saturday, the first day of Crankworx. For the Garbonzo downhill this year my dad had actually entered into the masters category and we had made a bet that if he came within two minutes of my time, I would…. well, I’m just going to leave that out. Anyways so it rained the Saturday and was still kind of misting and wet on Sunday. I can defiantly tell you In Deep was slick! By Sunday the roots had soaked up a lot of the moisture from the ground and they gave no grip for your tires. Dad came down two hours before my start. He had a great race and only crashed once! Pretty good for a guy that has barely ever ridden downhill, let alone raced it. He placed 50th with a time of 20:39. Good job Dad! My run came and I crashed twice. I ended up 21st in Junior Men with a time of 16:37. Not my best. But I still won the bet by beating him by 4:02. Haha.
So the Air DH was next. This is one of my favorite races all year. It’s the one trail you really don’t have to practice because you have probably been down it a hundred times and have memorized every rock. It’s still a hard and demanding race since you’re pedaling the whole time while trying not the overshoot any jumps and resist the temptation of throwing out too many whips for the hecklers. I had a really solid run and placed 8th with a time of 4:32, just four seconds off the win! Here’s a picture by Geoff Jansen from Aline.
That night I finally built my hard tail back up and decided “Hey, let’s race giant slalom!” So, next day I signed up for it. My first gated race ever. Good thing Cory taught me gates a few weeks ago randomly at a training session. I used the skills he taught me and what ever I could learn from watching other people and got my gates sorted out alright. In time-trials I ranked 5th and was put first off against a good friend of mine, Carson. I got through the first round and was then put against Kye Walstrom and was defeated by his skill out of the gate. It was a really fun race though. I’m doing it again next year for sure. Here’s a picture from there.By the time the Canadian Open DH rolled around on Sunday I had ridden 11 of the past 12 days. I was beat, but so was the track. It was so dusty and loose from the hundreds of riders on it that it was hard to keep your tires griping in some spots. My run was clean expect for my feet blowing out of my pedals twice. Heres a picture.

I ended up 16th and then it was home time to get some much needed rest and bike love. Crankworx this year was awesome! I already can’t wait till next year!

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