My Recap Of 2010 Crankworx

Day 1 Dual slalom, I was I training having a a sick morning and dropped into the yellow course and it was the third corner slipped out and went over the bars and i was clipped in and my one foot stayed in and it twisted with the bike and i knew something went bad, after getting patrol down and then going to the hospital got an x-ray and i found out i broke the side of my foot and when the doctor said that i gave up i thought the season was done so i miss end up missing the dual slalom, garbo Dh. On the tuesday before the aline race i went in to the doctor and got her to check my foot to see if i could race the aline or candian open and i got the OK TO RACE and i got straight out of the office and got my ridding stuff on then went to the mountain got work done. Raced the nexted day got 3rd witch i was stoked on. then i trained all week and went into the canadian open feeling pretty good race day comes up and it was smoking hot out and i was first on in my category i get a sweet time 3:34 i couldn’t quite get the win with that time but i pulled away with a 2nd with was a sick day and crankworxs turned out super sick. I went form a broken foot to a 3rd and a 2nd with is sweet so im happy with 2010 crankworx. and i thanks C4 all the training and we are off to Kicking horse for the BC cup finals.

Aline podium

Aline Podium

Canadian Open Podium

Canadian Open Podium

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