New Bikes and Training

hey guys! just letting you know how its going for C4 lately.

Its coming to the end of January and every thing is piecing together quickly now! we are already starting our weekly on the bike training sessions every Sunday now that the weather is starting to get a little better for riding. Its been around 5 months of doing our gym sessions and its finally paying off! thanks to KAREN our personal trainer!! All of those early morning,  sweat, aches, and obviously a few good laughs, I have now noticed that im stronger and can handle a bike with more confidence and charge into sections with ease plus my endurance had enormously stepped up.

Some of the most exciting news is that we will be getting our new 2011 Norco bikes very shortly! Cory has put in alot of effort into organizing the set ups, THANKS CORY!!! and a big shout out to all of our sponsors: NORCO bikes, Marzochi/Naz for setting up our suspension, Saint, Hayes Brakes, and Raceface.

Supper stoked for the 2011 race season to hit hard! C4 will start off strong and end even stronger! get some good quality positions and a whole lota podiums!! I PUT THE TEAM ON MY BACK! (inside joke)

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