Sea Otter Classic 2011

Hey everyone,

So this past week Lee, Nick, my dad and i drove down to the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California. Nick and i raced in the dual slalom and the DH, Lee raced in only the DH. We left on tuesday and arrived wednesday at 5 pm.

On thursday we got to train on the dual slalom course before we had to qualify. Nick qualified 1st and i slid into 12th with 2 alright runs. After being on the dual slalom course all morning we got to walk the downhill course. There definitely wasn’t much to look at on this course it reminded me of a long BMX track lots of straights with jumps, tons of pedaling and few corners but overall the course was fun.

Friday was dual slalom race day and it was awesome i got paired up with the 6th qualifier and Nick was paired up with the 16th qualifier. Nick ended moving onto the semi finals and crashed and he ended up 4th good job nick. I got knocked out first round but it was a really close one maybe next time. After racing in the dual Lee and i went around to the different tents and introduced our selves to the guys at Hayes, Norco, Marzocchi, and Shimano it was really cool to be able to stop by the tent and get there help if we needed it. By 3pm DH training started Lee and i got 4 sold laps in.

Dual Slalom Race

Saturday last day of downhill training before the race. I finally got to sleep in and didnt have to go to dual slalom in the morning. Training didn’t start till 3:30pm so Lee and i got to just kick back and relax in the Californian sun which was awesome. 3:30 rolled around at we got straight to practice with a good 3 laps. Lee and i were well ready and stoked to race.

Sunday race day!!! Lee and i decided to get just one lap in before the race to refresh out minds. Lee started and 2:28 and i started at 2:29. Lee ended up with a 3rd and i slid in with 6th not really how i would of liked but the course was brutal and we had fun. Nick couldn’t race due to injury.

Downhill Race



See you next year Sea Otter!!!

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