Some Tidbits of News and Happenings

We have been having our weekly on the bike training sessions for close to two months now. Coach Cory is making us work hard and turning us all into better riders very rapidly.  Just over three weeks ago we got our brand new team bikes from Norco. It is by far the best bike I have ever ridden. As soon as I swung my leg over it (after adjusting the cockpit to my liking) I felt instantly comfortable like it was meant to be. Naz from Marzocchi came out to watch us ride and help dial in our fork and shock so they feel smooth and just right.

Here is a Picture from Nick Guerin from one of our training sessions:

Unfortunately the large amount of snow there is here in Pemberton is somewhat preventing me from getting out to ride as much as I’d like.

Snow in my back yard

I do however, go to Squamish whenever I can. (Weird how you can have two feet of snow in one place, but an hour down the road theres none at all.)

As well as my C4 Norco DH, I will also be using a Norco 4x for xc riding, dirt jumping, and any gated racing that may come my way.

Most of the training here is done either on the spin bike or at the gym. I have been lifting weights twice a week and spending 2-3 nights a week working on cardio. On Friday nights I also just started going to yoga as well. Yeah that’s right, you heard me. I said Yoga. I have found that as well as making you more flexible and relaxed, it also calms down your mind and helps with concentration; something essential with racing.

With all of our training from Karen Mann off the bike, and Cory on the bike, I am feeling stronger, more fit, and more skilled then ever before. Yet, its only February and we still have a long way to go till the race season starts.

I will be trying to keep everyone updated weekly with all my news and happenings.

See you at the races,


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