The End of a Great Season

so last week end was the BC cup/Western Open finals to top off the end of a great season. This was the last race of the year and it was a good one! With the 2010 race season done with i am very happy with my results and all the things i have learnt over this past race season.

To start off the season me and my friend max horner took a trip down to the the first NWcup.  i have never been down into the states to ride before so i didn’t know what i was into. we got there and it was dry and sunshine for the whole week end and i was getting stoked on the track then when it comes to race day it down poured all night so the track was completely changed. By the time i dropped in for my race run it had stopped raining. I crashed in my race but still have a SICK week end!

To start off the first of the BC cup series we went out to kamloops to Race The Ranch! it was a weird week end with hot sunshine to warm hail. Saturday was good for training got the coarse dialed and felt fast then when race day came around and i still felt good and confident. I had a clean run but just didn’t push it enough. I came out with a 10th and a time of 2:08.20

goin' fast!

Off to BC cup #2 we went to the island to race the Tunner DH and that was a good race for me! during saturday practice i just couldn’t get a feel for the track and wasn’t so sure how i would do by the end of the weekend.  Then came along Sunday morning practice befor the race and it just hit me and i felt fast and loose. it came race time and at first i was having a sketchy run with only 1 of my clips in! but down the second half i got going and ended up pulling out a 1st! with a time of 3:55.44

going for top spot

Next we went to a Fluid Ride cup! just our luck they decided to have it in whistler.  it was a good week end overall, got to ride with some friend and did pretty well. came out with a 2nd right behind my team mate Zander Geddes.

It was time for BC cup # 3, The Shore Fest is always a gnarly track and never forgive full with any mistakes. because we its only 1 hour down the high way we got to get some extra practice in to touch up the areas we needed to work on. Saturday practice was good felt fast but its hard to feel confident on that track just because of all the slick rocks and roots. race day came around and i placed 8th with a time of 2:58.34

rocks, rocks and more rocks

i couldn’t belive  it we were already completed half the season and so far it was a great season! with some solid results. Now we headed off to Arduum BC cup #4!!!! The gnarlyest coarse of them all, step, wet, slick, and just insane.  Every run befor you drop in you got nerves . we went there a week early to check out the track and get it dialed! i didn’t expect it to be such a hard coarse to race. race weekend came and i was so nervous about the race, Saturday felt good i got all the jumps perfect and hit all my lines just how i wanted. when it was time to race right before i dropped in i just told my self make it to the bottom clean and that didn’t happen. i crashed but got right back up and finished in 5th with a time of 3:57.79


with one week of break we went back to go race bear mountain BC cup #5. its right across the road from  Arduum but the track is completely different. all this race track is, is just a bunch of jumps and sprinting, i just want felling the coarse all week end, when it was time to race i just thought i would give it my all. i didnt have the greatest run ever and i came out with 8th and a time of 4:14.29, wasnt to happy about that week end.

I have been waiting for this all year and finally it came! NATIONALS. so stoked the whole way there and just wanted it to come. had 3 days of practice to get the track dialed to the best i could.  when we weren’t ridding we would just hang out and it was SO HOT out there!  finally race day came and i started to get nervous but i just had to think positive and just give it my all! I had dropped in last out of my category.  i had a great run and wish it never ended! got to the bottom and figured out i was in 4th!!!! i think it was my best result of the year!

With the great result from the National Championships i just couldn’t wait for the next race to come, BC cup #6 was time. i love Mt. Washington after this race! the track is just to gnarly and technical, just the way i like it. practice went great, found some quick lines and just felt good over all about it. It was time to race and i had a few close calls but overall it was a good run. when i got down i was sitting in 3rd but that didnt last long, i dropped down to 6th by the end with a time of  3:57.43

So we all know whats comming up next…yes its CRANKWORX! so stoked for the week to come! i had some great races and results. to start the week end there was the Garbanzo DH, had a sick run and got 2nd with a time of  15:23.81. next came the Air DH, one of the most famous races in crankworx. i knew this wasnt my type of coarse with all the jumps and no rocks and roots so i just decided to give it my best and go for it and i came out with a 5th and a time of  4:39.82. now it was the race i was waiting for all of crankworx and it was the Canadian Open! the coarse was just beat by race day, i had a sketchy but quick run and came down in 3rd with a time of  3:37.02. I had a sick week of racing and hanging out.

Now it had to come some time but i just didnt want it to end…it was the BC cup/Western Open finals. Other then the freezing cold weather and the snow it was a great last race weekend. i felt i had the track dialed. when race day came i was stoked! just wanted to have a fun clean race to end the season. it rained the whole night before so the track was slick as ever. i dropped in for my race run and it was all going good! felt fast and thinking im goign to place good! got to the bottom and my friend kip was in 1st while i was in 2nd then last man down my friend jordan took the top stop and dropped me down into 3rd. stoked on my result it  ended up being a great season ender! to top it all off i jumped up into 3rd overall in BC!

I had a great season and dropped some solid results down and now i am just stoked to have some fun and ride with friends for the remainder of fall…..dont forget all the training coach Cory will put us through.

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