The Past….

So this past Month C4 had some wicked training and riding days in. Lee, Kip and I went to the Coast, riding the shore, training in Squamish, and filming edits. C4 has been putting time and hard working to get ready for the races that are coming up very fast. 

Me ripping the track

This past week and weekend was what I thought was the best training time. I really felt good and I was able to push hard and ride fast. The stuff we have been doing has really showed how it helps us when we are riding and eye line to bike lean. Karen gave us a swim work out to do and its fantastic and it a really good endurance and strength test. Everyone is still doing their training programs and spin bike work.

End of the Day chat

Sea Otter is in 8 days and I’m super stoked to head down there and race the courses and well. My dad is kindly taking Lee, Nick and I down in the truck. I am racing the DH and the DS and well as Nick while Lee is only doing the DH. Hopefully sea otter goes great with team C4 reppin Canada!!!

See you at the races!!


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