Train Time and Setting Goals for Next Year.

I have started my 3 times a week gym session with my personal trainer Andy. Each day i work different parts of my body 1st day all arms, 2nd day chest, back and  sholders, 3rd day all leg. Also Ill be hitting the spin bike to get my endurance up. The first few session have been good we are building a base for my body and once we have base we go for bulk. He also work with my brother also. Andy pushes me hard, trains me like its my last day on the earth but its good to work hard because it gets me closer and closer to winning everyday. My goals for next year are podium every B.C. cup, win the overall points and win the most important nationals. While doing all these races I will get to race against my biggest competitor LEE my team mate and all so my best friend. Which will be fun but at the same time very intense. Im working hard, looking forward the 2011 session for great success lets go c4!!!

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