Western Open BC Cup Finals

Hey, so the BC cups finals this year got combined with the Alberta DH finals into one race, the Western Open at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in Golden BC.

My parents and I left Pemberton early Thursday morning and finally got to the hotel right on the mountain around 6:30pm. the weather that night was miserable and I was so happy I wasnt camping down with Cory and the boys in the parking lot.

In the morning when I woke up it had stopped raining but discovered it was cold. So cold that it had snowed two centimeters at the top of the mountain. After meeting up with everyone else, waiting for them to get breakfast, and getting our lift tickets, we finally loaded the gondola to ride. The course started about halfway down the mountain so you had to ride from the top of the gondola down to it. I’ve always found riding in snow really fun but the freezing of the fingers was really uncalled for. my first run down the course was super sketchy and bad cause of frozen fingers and arm pump but the next run was way better. I chose to call it a day and go warm up in the shower after that.

The next day it was a lot warmer so I managed to blast out a few good laps in on the course to get it dialed in while it dried out and even got, dare I say, dusty in some sections. My last run I tried to go as fast as I could to treat it like a simulated race run but slid on something and crashed hard in the first tree section. As I crashed I jammed my right index finger on the ground. Ouch! As soon as I got down I went and iced it to try to keep the swelling down.

I woke up Sunday morning to my finger being a little swollen and sore and I couldn’t bend it enough to hit my rear brake. I took my bike, dialed out the reach adjuster on my Hayes Stoker Aces, took an Advil and went out for my warm up and morning practice laps. After two runs I felt better on course. All my lines felt good and didn’t even really notice the difference in my brakes. By the time my race run came around it had started to pour rain. at the top of the mountain it was snowing like crazy to just before the top of the course. Already cold and wet I dropped in to the course. As I got into the first trees I found that the conditions on course went from wet to dry then back the wet and so on, making everything totally unpredictable. I came into a tree section and tried to air over a root near the top of a small fade away but tapped it with my front tire instead. That small tap was enough to make my bike slide out from under me, causing me to hit the dirt. After grabbing my bike and going again I decided to just take it a little easier and just to get to the bottom. I got to the bottom with one more crash caused by siding on a root again but this time causing me to ride into a tree. I finished in 13th with a time of 5:05. Here’s a photo I found from practice:

So there it is, another season done. In the books. I placed 7th overall in the BC Cup series which is still okay. Its now time to settle down, have some fun riding with friends, finish school and start thinking about next season. Thanks Cory for helping me this season and also for everything else. I really cannot wait till next year now.

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