whistler bike park opening!

The time has come! Whistler Bike Park has finally opened and it couldn’t be better! There are 12 trails open so far and all of them are sweet to ride. A-line is for sure the top run in the park right now.

After work on thursday night i headed up to my team mates house Zander who lives in Whistler. We checked out the weather and we knew it was going to be killer hot out and we where just stoked! Friday morning came around and we woke up extra early to get to the Mountain a hour early to get ahead in the lift line. We where about the 10th chair to head up the Mountain. The first lap we took down was A-line. It was a bit more wet then we expected but it was awesome! We rode for a good 4 hours then where pooped so we went back home to chill and clean up the bikes. We rode again today and it was even better then Friday. Samurai Pizza Cat was my fav of the day, its probably the most technical trail on the mountain of the ones that are open so far.

Over all the first few days of the bike park where awesome! ridding with friends and just having fun. Reminds me of all of the good times i had last summer!

Line up

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