Winter is Here. It’s Training time!

It’s scary to think its already December. It seems like just a short time ago we were training in the bike park and the trails were covered in dust. But here we are now, its -5 outside right now and there’s snow on the ground. All bike riding here in Pemberton has essentially ceased to be because the trails are covered in a layer of that cold white stuff.

Last month I started working with as a laborer with Durfeld Contructors, with my dad as my boss. Hes been working me hard and I have since noticed it is slowly making me stronger and fitter. Here’s a picture of what I’ve been up to there:

Me at work

As well as work, I’ve been training in the gym 2 nights a week using the routine Karen gave me. It has so far been actually a lot of fun and my strength is building.

In the winters I convert my dads cross-country bike into my personal spin bike and try to be on it 3 nights a week whenever I’m not at the gym in order to build up my endurance. Last night I stuck my GoPro in the room and made a short timelapse of me training. Here it is: Spin Bike Training

I have also been trying to sell my bike in order so I can pay for my 2011 bike, but unfortunately I’ve had no luck yet. Hopefully it will be gone and sold soon, or I may have to sit with it until spring when people are starting to get ready for the bike park opening.

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