Yeah, We Went To The Coast!

So today, Zander, Kip and I desided to take a trip over to the Sunshine Coast. It was a success! We met up with our buddy Forrest. His awesome Dad agreed to shuttle us up the hill all day.

We headed off to the ferry around 8am to catch the 9:20 ferry. We arrived on the Coast at 10 and quickly changed and headed up the mountain to get some laps in. (sorry for the cartoon image I forgot my camera!)

the ferry boat


This was our first time ridding the Coast and we had no idea what we were in for. Forrest took us around to every trail they got on the mountain. The ridding over there is nothing like what I am used to over here in Squamish.  Its supper flowy and very fast! The weather was pouring rain when we left Squamish but by half way through the day it was full blue bird and 10 degrees! Forrest’s dad was great enough to drive us up the hill 12 times! By 4 in the afternoon we got pretty tired and decided to catch the ferry back to Squamish. Ended up home by 5:30.

Overall it was a sick day of shredding with some friends. For sure going to head back out there to meet up with some other buddies and ride some bikes. Hopefully get the whole C4 team out there for a day or two, and next time not forget the camera!!!!

It is spring break right now and we all have a week off school, so where going to be riding and training hard. Ill be sure to type out a post at the end of the week to keep you posted!!



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